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BT&T Manufactures Quality Propane Trucks

Bulk Truck and Transport Service, Inc. (known as BT&T) is a family-owned and operated business that takes pride in building quality propane trucks. All of our trucks comply with Federal and state regulations in the areas where our customers’ propane trucks will operate. Today, we have trucks in every US state except for Hawaii, and many units in foreign countries including Australia, Canada, and Saudi Arabia. We manufacture MC331 vessels from 500 gallons up to 5,600 gallons and refurbish all size propane, ammonia, LPG and butane tanks and transports.

We hold both a National Board R and an ASME U Stamp. The U Stamp allows us to manufacture the vessel, and the R Stamp allows us to do repair work.
We can quote any unit, except for custom chassis, within 24 business hours of your request, because we have our own in-house computer database.

Truck Chassis In-Stock at BT&T

We stock some of the more popular chassis such as Freightliner, Kenworth and International. We also stock a variety of competitive-priced chassis. If a customer decides to purchase a chassis from a local dealer, we will work with the dealer to ensure that the chassis ordered fits their needs. We also have the capability of building the propane unit and shipping it without a chassis as long as we have the manufacturer’s specifications. This is a common method in exports to foreign countries.

BT&T builds quality propane delivery units at competitive prices for the propane industry. Through our commitment of precise engineering, we match every chassis and tank to exact specifications with complete consideration of terrain, weight, distribution, engine horse power, torque, transmission and axle, differential and spring ratings. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and to build your truck the way you want it.


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BT&T’s propane delivery units, transports and bobtails are giving their owners more than 12 years of service with normal care and maintenance. Our aluminum, stainless-steel decks are manufactured with 3/16 plate and heavy-duty sub frames built from the same material as the deck. All of our units, new or refurbished, carry a one-year warranty on both parts and labor. The chassis is typically covered by the manufacturer.

If you are interested in learning more about our propane delivery units, we invite you to visit us at our facilities in Hanover, IN, located in southern Indiana near Louisville, KY, Indianapolis, IN and Cincinnati, OH. We’ll furnish lodging and transportation to and from the airport, and you’ll be under no obligation to make your final purchase with us.

Come and see why we’ve been setting the standards in propane truck manufacturing for over 38 years! Call us today at 800.825.7288 or email contact@btandt.com.

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