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Bulk Truck and Transport has clean, organized and highly efficient manufacturing facilities with the capacity to build your next propane truck or fleet. See our manufacturing processes What does it take to manufacture and assemble a propane delivery truck or transport? Take a look at our step-by-step process. Truck assembly tour Quality. We show it in our work and on every truck we build. We always guarantee customer satisfaction. Just ask any of our propane industry customers.

Bulk Truck and Transport Service, Inc. (BT&T) manufactures and refurbishes propane trucks, bobtails and propane transports. We’re located in the heart of the Midwest (Hanover, Indiana) and are easily accessible from anywhere in the United States. View our facilities and manufacturing processes, or take a pictorial look at our truck assembly line.

Canine Companion

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a beloved companion. Hershey was with us for over 13 years and was our top dog at BT&T. You will be missed!

Blackie and Hershey the dogs

Hershey (front) and Blackie taking a break.

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Hershey Will Be Missed
He was with BT&T for over 13 years and will be greatly missed. Read More...
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