Stock Units, Chassis and Custom-Made Trucks

Stock Units (Propane Delivery Trucks)

When possible BT&T builds and stores a few propane delivery trucks on-site. The stock units are built with standard features and options, so we only need to add your extras and signage, and then you’re ready to roll.

See what stock units we have available.

Custom Delivery Units

We’re experts in building propane delivery units and bobtails with standard specifications; however, it doesn’t mean that we won’t do custom units. At BT&T we will work with your company in modifying these delivery units to meet your specifications. We have the capacity and flexibility to meet almost any job requirement.

Visit our photo gallery of custom-made propane delivery trucks.

Stock Chassis

Most of our truck chassis are purchased ahead of time and stored at our facilities. This way we’re ready to build as soon as a new order arrives. Currently, our main suppliers are Freightliner, International and Kenworth.

See the stock chassis we have available today.

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