Propane Tank Refurbishment

After the tank has been removed from the old chassis and the refurbishment process has begun, the vessel is then moved to the tank shop where the manway cover, float gauge and all tank fittings are removed. The float gauge is examined, and if no defects are found, is marked and sent to the plumbing stall. Qualified technicians check for defects in the vessel’s interior, such as broken baffles and internal plumbing. If any debris is found in the tank it’s vacuumed out. The exterior of the tank is checked to see if any damage was exposed during the exploratory blasting. If any defects are found, they are evaluated and all necessary repairs are made. If the tank is not equipped with a manway, the interior of the tank is inspected with mirrors and lights for any defects and debris. The tank is then stood on its end and a special vibrator is bolted to the pump flange. The entire tank is vibrated for a few minutes to remove any debris which might be attached to the interior of the vessel. This debris is removed by vacuuming through the float gauge and pump flange while it is still on its end.

Plumbing Department Evaluates Tank

Next, an expert from our plumbing department looks at the tank to decide if we need to add additional openings in order to comply with BT&T’s standard plumbing system.  If any new tank openings are required, they’re welded in place before putting the manway cover back on the tank. All interior threads, including relief valve openings, are evaluated and cleaned using the proper size thread tap. Plugs and a valve are placed for the upcoming hydro process.  If the vessel is equipped with a manway, the studs are removed and replaced with cadmium plated studs and nuts.

After all repairs, cleaning and/or modifications are completed, the tank is buttoned up, filled with fresh tap water and tested at the required pressure level during the hydro process.  When this is completed, the manway is removed along with all plugs in the spray fill and vapor piping. The inside is vacuumed to remove any water remaining in the vessel. When the tank is dry, the manway cover is reinstalled and all openings are plugged to prevent air from entering the tank. This prevents the interior from rusting while waiting for new plumbing to be installed.

View the Tank Shop photo gallery in the slideshow below.

  1. Removal from Old Chassis
  2. Tank Department
  3. Mounting New Chassis
  4. Skirting Department
  5. Plumbing Department
  6. Blasting/Paint Department
  7. Final Assembly

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