Mounting Unit on New Chassis

Once the tank has been removed from the old chassis and the refurbishing processes are underway, the tank is placed on a new chassis that has been pre-drilled and fitted with the proper hold-down brackets. The fitted brackets are welded to the vessel’s rails. If new rails are required, they’re installed on the chassis frame first, and then the tank is placed into the rails and welded to the tank pads. Fitting the rails to the tank prevents “cantilevering” the chassis, which creates uneven weight distribution. After the mounting process is completed the vessel is moved to the skirting department.

  1. Removal from Old Chassis
  2. Tank Department
  3. Mounting New Chassis
  4. Skirting Department
  5. Plumbing Department
  6. Blasting/Paint Department
  7. Final Assembly

Next, the Skirting Department…

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