Manufacturing Propane Trucks Over 34 Years

At BT&T we take pride in our propane truck manufacturing facilities. We’ve been in the business for over 34 years and are among the most sought after propane delivery truck manufacturers in the propane industry. We’re always looking at ways to improve our assembly process and to increase production without sacrificing quality. Therefore, you’ll find our facilities are extremely clean and well organized in every department.

Building Your Propane Truck, Bobtail or Transport…

The building process for a propane truck, bobtail or transport has greatly improved over the years. When we first started years ago, we simply mounted the propane tank on the truck chassis, plumbed it, painted it, and we had a propane delivery truck. Today, this process has changed as each department in our facilities meticulously does their part in assembling a quality unit.

What does it take to build a quality propane truck or transport? We invite you to follow us through this process by viewing the following pages and photographs.

Take a quick tour of our facilities while viewing this slideshow:


  1. Removal from Old Chassis
  2. Tank Department
  3. Mounting New Chassis
  4. Skirting Department
  5. Plumbing Department
  6. Blasting/Paint Department
  7. Final Assembly

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